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Obsidian Ulu Knives by JJ Heo

Our online store now features ulu knives made of obsidian stone, starting from as low as $100. Our ulu knives are popular as hunters' skinning knives and as collectors' knives. Each is made with a unique obsidian stone, and is handmade using the flint knapping technique. Handles are made of polished deer antler and finished with synthetic sinew. For photos and details, visit

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Obsidian Knives Under $100

Our online shop is now featuring a collection of obsidian knives under $100. All knives are handmade by flintknapping artist JJ. More info at 

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JJ Stone Craft Website & Blog Launch

JJ Stone Craft has sold handmade obsidian knives by flint knapping artist JJ Heo for many years at Granville Island Public Market in Vancouver, Canada. Through the years, his work has appeared in several art shows around US and Canada, and even on television, including hit series ABC's Once Upon A Time. This month, we are happy to announce the launch of our website, where customers from anywhere in the world can view and purchase our knives online. Visit the website and blog for constant product updates and posts about obsidian knives and flint knapping. Our weekly schedule at Granville Island will continue to be posted on our Facebook page. Website: Email: Thanks for your support!

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