new stone knives January 28 2021

Hi everyone,

Due to covid19, we cannot open our retaIl booth at Granville Island Public Market. You can still order thru this web site and ask any question to my e mail( ) if you have.

2019 X mas open schedule December 02 2019

We will open our booth at granville island from Dec 5 to 31.


2019 Edmonton Butterdome X mas show November 06 2019

Tri color transparent obsidian with coyote jaw handle March 18 2019

2019 spring open schedule @granville island public market February 24 2019

2019 March open schedule @granville island public market

Mar1~3, 8~10, 15~18, 23~24, 25~31


2018 X mas open schedule @ Granville Island Public market December 13 2018

We open at Granville island public market from Dec 8 to Dec 31

New knives are on the shop now! December 13 2018

2017 Butterdome Craft Sale November 04 2017

Image may contain: textwe will be on this show as always

Calgary Art Market Craft Sale October 27 2017

We will be at Calgary Art Market Craft Sale( 11/16~19 ) with new style obsidian stone knives.  Location ; Telus Convention Centre


Image may contain: text

Image may contain: text

JJ's life as an artist August 13 2017

Obsidian knife for cutting Umbilical Cord June 19 2017


What a beautiful and brave couple Tara and Chris!

They used my obsidian knife for cutting baby girl's umbilical cord. 

Thanks for sharing your photos with us and God bless to all of your family!!







2016 X-Mas open schedule in Granville Island Public Market December 15 2016

We stay open in Granville Island Public Market during 12/6~12/29.



Edmonton Butterdome Craft Sale ( 12/1~4 ) November 22 2016

We attend X mas show in Edmonton again. Hope to see you there.


1st appearance in Winnipeg X mas show November 04 2016

we will  attend x mas show first time in winnipeg ( 11/24~27 ). Hope to see you there on Signatures Craft Show and Sales at RBC centre

personalize your gift August 17 2016

we can wood burn your friends' name on the knife stand like this!

wood burned stone knife handle August 17 2016

This handle is made of wood burned  and painted on a hard wood by EJ 

2015 X-Mas show/open schedule November 08 2015

JJ Stone Craft will be opening in Granville Island Public Market during Vancouver Circle Craft x mas show season.  Please refer to the following schedule before you plan to visit us
Our open/show schedule in x mas season is ;
11/8~15     Granville Island Market
11/19~22   Calgary Art Market in Telus building
11/26~29   Calgary Festival of Craft in BMO center, Stamped Park
12/3~6      Edmonton Butterdome Craft Sale

12/10~     Granville Island Market

Some of Our Favorite Obsidian Knives May 26 2015

Some photos of JJ's past work. Most have been sold out from our online store, but you can always email JJ at to request similar designs!

  • Tri-Color Transparent Obsidian with Coyote Jaw handle

  • Tiger Obsidian with Deer Antler handle

  • Tiger Obsidian with Deer Antler handle

  • Mahogany Obsidian with Cholla Cactus handle

  • Transparent Obsidian with Deer Antler handle

Obsidian Ulu Knives by JJ Heo May 18 2015

Our online store now features ulu knives made of obsidian stone, starting from as low as $100. Our ulu knives are popular as hunters' skinning knives and as collectors' knives. Each is made with a unique obsidian stone, and is handmade using the flint knapping technique. Handles are made of polished deer antler and finished with synthetic sinew. For photos and details, visit

Obsidian Knives Under $100 June 19 2014

Our online shop is now featuring a collection of obsidian knives under $100.

Obsidian knives. Flintknapping.

All knives are handmade by flintknapping artist JJ. More info at

What Is Flintknapping? May 30 2014

Flintknapping is the process of reducing and shaping a large stone, such as obsidian (volcanic glass), into a blade or other projectile point. It is a technique dating back over 2 million years, when our stone-age ancestors used flintknapping as a survival skill to create weapons (such as knives, axes, spears, arrowheads) for hunting, cutting and skinning.

At JJ Stone Craft, all knives are made using the same primitive skill that has passed down through generations. We believe that flintknapping remains as one of the most important sustainable skills that can be used in the future.

Pressure flaking of the flintknapping process

Flintknapping Process:

  1. Direct Percussion: We start by striking a large piece of obsidian stone with a hammer stone or antler billet to remove large flakes and thin the stone into a rough blade shape.
  2. Pressure Flaking: We then place a copper-tipped pressure flaker onto the edge of the blade and apply pressure to remove thin flakes of stone, working the details to gradually shape the piece into a blade.
  3. Finishing: Next we form a shape at the end of the blade - by stemming, notching or fluting - creating indents or thinning the base so that the blade can be easily attached to a handle.

JJ Stone Craft Website & Blog Launch May 24 2014

JJ Stone Craft has sold handmade obsidian knives by flint knapping artist JJ Heo for many years at Granville Island Public Market in Vancouver, Canada. Through the years, his work has appeared in several art shows around US and Canada, and even on television, including hit series ABC's Once Upon A Time.

This month, we are happy to announce the launch of our website, where customers from anywhere in the world can view and purchase our knives online. Visit the website and blog for constant product updates and posts about obsidian knives and flint knapping. Our weekly schedule at Granville Island will continue to be posted on our Facebook page.



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