About JJ Stone Craft


Our knives are made of obsidian found in the Cascade Range in North America. Each knife is handcrafted using an ancient technique called flintknapping. This chipping technique was passed down by our ancestors in the Stone Age, when cavemen used stones to create hunting tools. After nearly 3 million years, this survival skill has been transformed into an art, and is still used to create tools by traditional knife makers and Native American cultures.

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Obsidian is volcanic rock formed from cooled lava. Often called volcanic glass, it is hard and brittle, and is one of the sharpest objects on earth. Though originally used by cavemen to create hunting tools such as knives and arrowheads, it is still used today to create surgical scalpels and skinning knives.


For schedules of our upcoming tours, please refer to our Facebook page. JJ Stone Craft has appeared in art shows around North America, including:

  • Butterdome Spring Show, Christmas Show - Edmonton, Canada
  • Circle Craft Show - Vancouver, Canada
  • Art Market Art And Craft Sale - Calgary, Canada
  • Festival of Crafts  - Calgary, Canada
  • Filberg Festival - Comox, BC Canada
  • BC Boat & Sportsmen's & BC Hunting Show - Tradex, Abbotsford, BC


Also our obsidian knives were used by tv and movie production including ;


  • SEE - Apple TV
  • Once Upon a Tme - ABC
  • Legends of the Hidden Temple
  • several movie and documentary

For questions and concerns, email us at info@jjstonecraft.com.